Designed by professionals trusted by carers:

Nestus Care Cottages™ are built in your garden within days, providing safe, specialist, quality independent-living for seniors or people with disabilities.

Why would you choose to live in a care home instead?

Designed and tested in collaboration with care professionals, each Care Cottage™ weaves together independent living support, safety monitoring and recreational facilities, empowering seniors to help themselves and carers to take a step back.

Features include:

  • Nestus Guardian™: smart home and appliance control that prevents accidents and can integrate with a care provider.
  • Nestus Chameleon™: interior walls and fittings that quickly adapt for disabled access.
  • Nestus Monocle™: assistive furniture that helps overcome dementia and mobility challenges.

Quality independent living:

2 smart sizes: single or double

We offer 2 standard Care Cottage models:

  • The Nestus Care Cottage™, Double is perfect for larger gardens, featuring a spacious double bedroom and extended kitchen dining area.
  • The Nestus Care Cottage™, Single is ideal for smaller gardens, featuring a single bedroom and breakfast bar dining.

Both Cottages come with the option of an integrated decking-patio creating a seamless indoor/ outdoor living experience.

We can also add an extra bedroom to either cottage model for overnight guests or live-in carers as desired.

Quality independent living without the cost

  • Nestus Care Cottage™ Single: £69,850* fixed price
  • Nestus Care Cottage™ Double: £79,850* fixed price

*Price excludes groundworks & connection to utilities

Construction quality guaranteed

Every Nestus Care Cottage™ comes with a 10 year NHBC construction warranty and 6 month defects guarantee, but designed to last as long as any new build home.

Premium fittings as standard:

  • Fitted kitchen and wet-room bathroom
  • ‘Wet’ underfloor heating & instant on-demand hot water
  • Scottish oak flooring throughout with non-slip wet room
  • Triple glazed windows & doors with smart locking fobs
  • Low energy LED lights with automatic night lights
  • Interior wall colours & finishes customised to your choice
  • External materials customised to your choice
  • Installed fully plumbed, wired & connected to utility services
  • Internet connected with wifi throughout
  • Tunstall Lifeline® personal safety alarms pre-installed
  • Nestus Guardian™ : smart home and appliance control that prevents accidents and can integrate with a care provider.
  • Nestus Chameleon™: interior walls and fittings that quickly adapt for disabled access


How we compare:

Personal living space:

Nestus Care Cottage™


Average care institution:


Running costs:

The average costWhere: - Estimated annual Heat Demand is 3123 kWh / annum - Estimated annual Electric Heat Costs is £484 with electric at 15.5p*/kWh) - Estimated Electricity Demand (non-heating) is 1485kWh / annum - Estimated Annual Auxiliary Electricity Cost is £230(electric at 15.5p*/kWh) of heating & electricity over 1 year

Nestus Care Cottage™

£ 0

Similar size home:

£ 0

Accommodation costs:

Calculated over a 4 year period, where the average annual cost of  a residential care home without nursing care is £28,500 per year. [Read article >]

Nestus Care Cottage™

£ 0

Average care institution:

£ 0

Our features:

Smart assistance:

Inbuilt systems keep your cottage safe, comfortable and prevent accidents becoming emergencies 

Remote home control:

Make changes to heating, lighting and other settings online

Lowest running costs:

The super-insulated structure & energy recovery ensure running costs are 1/2 of a similar size home

Close to family:

Quality time together, without the commute

Independent living:

Easy access, a safe interior & support nearby help you help yourself

Premium quality:

Solid wood floors, underfloor heating, high pressure showers and much more for a luxurious lifestyle

Accessible for all:

Everything is suitable for wheelchair or mobility aid users and those with dementia

Safe by design:

Our award winning architects have designed everything in collaboration with Care Professionals

Ready within a month:

We precision manufacture everything offsite and plug directly into existing utilities for a speedy, effortless build

Customised to your tastes:

Choose colours & materials from our range of interior & exterior finishes to make the home your own

The perfect fit:

3 times more space than you’d get in residential care, yet fits in your back garden

Long lasting value:

Properties with granny annexes are in high demand and if you move – the Nestus Care Cottage™ can move with you

Our process:

We visit your proposed site to discuss your family care situation, Care Cottage™ preferences and assess the installation requirements.

Taking on board your preferences for interior and exterior finishes, care provision and mobility or dementia requirements we’ll provide you with a clear fixed price quote and completion date.

We take care of planning (if required), building consent and prepare the light foundations for a rapid, hassle free installation.

We install your new Nestus Care Cottage™ in days and then add your personalised finishing touches to the interior and exterior within the next couple of weeks.

Our collaboration partners include:

Book your free assessment:

Each assessment visit includes:

  • A free situation review & planning site assessment
  • A free design session to tailor your Nestus Care Cottage™ to your requirements
  • Free photo realistic impression of your personalised Nestus Care Cottage™ situated on your property
  • A no obligation, personalised quote and guidance on the financing options available to you